For every truck driver available, they must have attended a truck driving school to become competent at their jobs. Becoming a truck driver is definitely a feasible goal, but you should know some crucial steps, especially when it comes to obtaining a permit.

You must comply with the following rules to qualify as a truck driver:

  • Have a driving license
  • Pass medical tests successfully
  • Complete a written test to get a permit
  • Acquire driving experience

Apart from being a truck driver, there are also other types of driving that you can do if you possess a commercial driver's license (CDL).

These jobs include

  • Bus driving
  • Motor instructors
  • Transportation supervisor
  • Van or shuttle driving

All in all, attending a CDL truck driving school guarantees you the chance to have a go at any of the available commercial jobs that are of interest to you.

Components of a Truck Driving School

Many companies worldwide are beginning to understand that there are few available truck drivers to help deliver their goods to customers. In fact, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there'll be a whooping number of 259,000 vacant positions for tractor and heavy truck drivers in the next 10 years if the issue is not addressed. 

Before deciding to attend a truck driving school, there are two essential components that you must take cognizance of which are:

Major Components

  • Inspection of pre-tip
  • Turning the vehicle
  • Shifting

Minor Components

  • Hooking the truck
  • Backing
  • Unhooking

Several programs are taught in a CDL truck driving school, and it's best to know about them. The courses taught in truck driving schools contain not only the methods of driving but also the essential parts which are palatable for the gathering experience.

These programs include

  • Safety practices: vehicular communication and careful management of speeding
  • Professionalism
  • Proper handling of consignments
  • Truck systems: prevention management and regular vehicle servicing
  • CDL basic training: vehicle orientation, coupling, shifting and inspection
  • Relations with customers and employer
  • Documentation of shipments

Description of a Truck-Driving Role

Apart from the common attributes, you should know about soft skills to improve your driving.

Some of these soft skills include

  • Clean driving record
  • Traffic laws
  • Over-the-road (OTR) qualities
  • Weather conditions working record
  • Department of Transportation(DOT) qualifications
  • Safe driving
  • Safety rules and delivery instructions

Having possessed these soft skills, then the following abilities must be present in a truck driver:

  • Patience
  • Communication and self dependability
  • Fundamental mechanical knowledge of trucks
  • Education and patience

Upon beginning truck driving school, you must expect to learn fundamental aspects like:

  • Lanes to drive in
  • Driving laws
  • Reaction to dangers on the road
  • Rules associated with windshield wipers, rear lights, and headlights
  • Period of legal driving
  • Night and winter driving
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements

How to Select a CDL Truck Driving School

Often, people make mistakes when finding a truck driving school by not properly considering the most critical factors during selection. Inherently, anyone attending a truck driving school wants a place where they can get the best education. However, you need to correctly evaluate your choices and note some points to make the learning process more exciting and enjoyable after enrolling.

Not to worry much, let's take a look at some of the tips to consider when choosing a truck driving school:

  • Training quality
  • Job placement upon graduation
  • Current and former students’ reviews on the school
  • School location
  • Caliber of instructors
  • Number of enrolled students to instructor
  • Training fees
  • Opportunities of earning during training

Key Takeaways

To be an excellent truck driver, you must attend a CDL truck driving school to learn all the necessary details. Knowing the available factors that make a truck driving school exceptional is vital before pitching your tent with one. The provisions in this article will guide you on what to know about a truck driving school.